This video covers installing and using MangoHUD with games launched from Steam or Lutris.


Terminal commands:
git clone –recurse-submodules
cd MangoHud
./ build
./ package
./ install

Alternatively you can download a pre-compiled release from the below:

Extract the archive, open up a Terminal and type the following command:

./ install


Right click on a game, choose Properties, click on SET LAUNCH OPTIONS and type in:
MANGOHUD=1 %command%

Alternatively for 64bit Vulkan and OpenGL you would use mangohud %command% and for 32bit OpenGL use mangohud.x86 %command%


Right click on the game, click Configure, navigate to System preferences / System options / Environmental variables and use the following:

Value – 1

Click Save.


Either use parameters listed on the github page or alternatively with a GUI tool called Goverlay.

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  1. Thank you for this video! I’m new to Linux and I used msi afterburner for my games on my Windows 10 PC so this overlay is familiar. I just have a question and possible video request. I have a g-sync panel and a major function msi afterburner had was a FPS limiter. Is there a FPS limiter on mango hud? Or any for Linux? Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. Hello! Does the MangoHUD Flatpak work at all outside of Steam? Their GitHub page’s description of the package is rather vague, but it sounds more like a Steam extension, though I’ve never heard of anything like that.

  3. Hi and thank you for your video 🙂 MangoHUD work on my games (Steam and Lutris), very nice 😀 But is it possible to install and use GOverlay on linux mint 19.3? I don't understand to configure the Mangohud options :/

  4. Hi im using linux mint 19 and I followed your instructions to installing mangohub, I'm even playing the same game you used as an example (Fallout New Vegas). However the HUD does not appear on my game screen and I've tried multiple different commands in the launch options in the game but non of them work. I don't know what im doing wrong.

  5. Is somewhere list of supported Steam games, for me its working for:
    Metro Last Light Redux + Xcom remake 1, Wasteland2.
    but not:
    Half Life 2, Bioshock Infinite, Brutal Legend,Dex,Baldurus gate enhanced, Dead island, Witcher 2, Civilization V, Legend of Grimrock, Shadowrun retrurns, Saint row: the Third, Serious Sam 3 and other games..
    So for me its not working for majority of games.
    I have MInt 19.3 and Nvidia 1070 – 440 driver.

    Also its unclear where is that config like and if actually created by default..

  6. awesome. i've been looking for some GOOD benchmarking software for linux but when searching for alternatives to what i used on windows, all the posts online just say to use gpustat, glances, or something else that isn't even really close to the same thing.

  7. hello. thanks for installation guide. mangohud works with every game or am i missing something ?. i tried mangohud with amnesia,alien:isolation,long dark,superhot,stanley parable,bioshock infinite. only amnesia and superhot showed mangohud.didn't work with other there someting i should do ? help me please. ( sorry for my bad english)

  8. how do you actually change the config? to work globally with all steam games? I know how to edit the example config from github, but where is the actual config file that is run for any game I load up?

  9. thanks friend i have a question i have a laptop with an intel core i3 4005u with integrated graphics and 4 gb of ram that you recommend me to install to run games and emulators, regatta os or drauger os??

  10. For some reason I got errors when trying to install it with the script even though I'm also on Manjaro, probably because I don't have ninja and whatever else it needed. But the package is in the AUR and that worked just fine. If installing through the AUR, be sure to grab the mangohud and lib32-mangohud packages.

  11. Out of ALL the videos on Youtube on installing and configuring linux for gaming, YOUR channel has so far been the BEST at putting it all together in a way that ANYBODY could follow and do themselves. Putting instructions IN the description is a ++, as most others I've seen make you go to some shady website to get those same instructions they could have easily put in the description like you do, and THAT my good sir is a man of class. Thank you VERY much and DON'T EVER stop what your doing!

    Or I'll come find you…. haha, juuuust kidding XD!


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