How to do BETTER than the average player in Modern Warfare

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Gameplay Breakdown + Tips
16:12 Proof the Tips Work!
17:08 Outro
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  1. Yo bro , ik im watching this after 2 months but thank you so much . I was playing all good but than started tilting alot bcz i was playing dumb aggressive. After watching this , i tried to get angles on them … flanked around and got quads , felt great man. Again thank you so much

  2. love the video and i always love watching content like this, we even used to do this back in bo2 watching pro players during scrims and money 8s to see anything hidden gems we can pick up. I just wanted to say one thing at 8:47 you died on the flag not so much because you was by yourself (because there was 2 teammates in the area, one got on the flag with you a tad sec late) but if you go back and look. You was aiming too low and when the guy came around he was already aiming toward your chest to head area, and even though it didn't take you long you still had to bring your crosshairs up to him and in this game in that time frame it normally will cost you the gunfight. For you or anyone who might read this always pre aim where that guy came around the corner at. You result in lots of easy kills.

  3. cant find the link for your class setup great tips though flanking and better map awareness definetly is the best/quickest way to improve performance in this sweatfest of a game

  4. Can I ask why ur playing with a full squad, they could be rly bad making the enemy team bad. It’s team based matchmaking. If you truly want to show ur not reverse boosting play alone(I’m all for you but it just stood out and could be a possibility.

  5. Bro Ur tips are the best tips they r literally the best thing I wanted u know I am a very old cod player and I am very good but the only thing I was doing wrong that I am pushing too hard then I got ur tip of being patient and pre aiming and then I saw my self doing even better than what I used to much love keep up the vids❤️

  6. Hey Turbo, maybe you or a subscriber can help me out.

    I have an overall KD of 0.7. When I play in a party with mates we have a variety of KDs, with the top being 1.8 another at 1.1, myself at 0.7 and usually another around the same as me. When playing in the party I regularly get stomped, usually dropping to a 0.5 KD (but have a rare 1+ KD here and there).

    When playing by myself of with a single mate with equal or lower KD I’m always 1+ KD.

    Question is, is the SBMM playing a huge role here with the party, or is it just coincidence I’m not as good when everyone is over the mic? I don’t mind playing the harder matches to push me to improve.

  7. Best Assault rifle with silencer for hardcore search and destroy?

    I like the AN94 but also the Cr56 Amax. Both are incredible. I used to play m4a1 but since it got nerfed i dont like the m4 anymore. It just plays horrible for me.


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